Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moment of Clarity

Sometimes in life we are given moments of clarity. Moments when every question we have is silenced by an overwhelming peace that even though everything is NOT OKAY, we know exactly why we are breathing. Yesterday I walked through Belen, an extremely poverty stricken area of Iquitos, and felt awake for the first time since I was standing in Kibera, Nairobi.

Those moments in Belen were confirmations not only of my purpose in Iquitos, but also my purpose on the planet. Right now I am breathing the air of my home for the next 2 years and while this is at times a difficult thought, I could not be more sure that I am exactly where I should be.

I urge you, if you do not know, to find whatever it is that makes you step back and see that life is so much bigger than whatever stress you may have right now. I beg you, to find a way to participate in the liberation of those around you. I plead with you, to find someone who needs to be loved and love them. Because nothing else really matters…to have this gift and not gift it would be the greatest waste…

Aloha Means Te Amo,
Suthee 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...

you never know what you're gonna get." -Forest Gump

Those words may not be profound, but they are certainly true- life is full of surprises! 3 months ago when I was leaving Hawaii, I felt a deep sadness for the people I was leaving behind. I was scared and nervous and didn't know how it would all work out. Honestly, I didn't think I would form friendships with people like the ones I had in Hawaii, but nevertheless set out on this journey because I believed it was the next steps I had to take.

In California, when I found out who my roommate would be for the next 3 months, more nervousness set in. Brittany is 19, from Kansas, and from her Facebook profile seemed very conservative and well...I'm me ;) Much to both our surprise, we became very close and learned that we had more in common than either of us thought possible. Together we shared many laughs and tears and also a great love for our Peruvian family in Arequipa. She has been one of the greatest surprises and blessings of my life and I'm so thankful that it's not safe to judge books by their covers...

On Thursday afternoon, I was filled with the same apprehension before leaving Arequipa for Lima. I felt the way I did the day I left Hawaii. It's strange to think that after only 3 months, my friends and family in Arequipa became so important that I would be filled with the same sadness. Sometimes I wonder if maybe it would be better to not become that involved with people, I mean, it would certainly make leaving places much easier. But when I think about the experience of the last 3 months, there is no way I would trade my relationships with Alyssa & Leanne (my girls from Canada who are still in Arequipa) or my relationship with my Peruvian family. How much they have added to my life in such a short time-- Wow! I am so blessed. The sadness of missing them is worth it...

Although I do not understand it, I can say with confidence that God's love for us is neverending and full of amazing surprises. My time in Arequipa was proof of that and for that reason I know Iquitos will be even more amazing!!!

Pray for us as we begin classes on Monday and bond with our Peruvian counterparts...the adventure has just begun!

Aloha means Te Amo,
Suthee :)