Sunday, August 30, 2009


In training we played a game where we chose a side of the room depending on our preference. One question was ¨ready¨ or ¨ready or not!¨ And I realized that I am totally a ¨ready or not¨ kind of girl. As much as we can plan and think we know how to handle situations, life is pretty unpredictable and there is no such thing as being ¨ready. Ask anyone who plans to have a baby, has one, then discovers there is nothing that can really prepare you for the ups and downs of parenthood.

When I was preparing for my journey to Peru, I thought and tried to plan, yet two days before I was to leave, had a total meltdown and didn´t know if I could do it. But, being the ¨ready or not¨ girl that I am, I lept, and can I just say how glad I am that I did?

There will be bad days, there will be days I will wish I was at home in Hawaii, but today I am filled with an overwhelming peace that I am exactly where I should be, ready or not.

Aloha Means I Love You,

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