Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leer Means to Read

Yesterday my spanish speaking German sister, Francesca, took Brittany (my roommate) and I to some of her favorite places near La Plaza de Armas. Our last stop was a "fake" bookstore where you can get almost any classic book in espanol very cheap. I just started 'The Magician's Nephew' by CS Lewis (thanks to Eick) so when I saw 'El Sobrino del Mago' I decided to attempt it in espanol also.

HA! Yeah... I'm on page 3. And please don't ask how long it took me to get there :)

Despite the difficulty, I am very excited to be learning spanish for real. It's nice to finally know how to form sentences! My hope is that I will learn a lot these 3 months in order to be a better partner to my Peruana counterpart. And that this effort will translate into a genuine love for the people of Peru.

Ojala (I hope)!

Aloha Means Te Amo,
Suthee :)

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