Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bend Not Break

As hard as it may be for you to believe, I haven't listened to my iPod since I left for Peru. I've thought it was strange, but wasn't sure why I hadn't.

Then today I turned it on and listened to Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap (I realize a lot of you have no idea who that is, sorry). I wasn't sad, wasn't homesick, but when I heard that song I remembered the last time I listened to it and started to cry. Strange, no? The memory I have in connection to that song is a great one: riding in the back of my friend Cati's truck, taking in the beauty of the ocean & mountains of Hawaii.

It's strange when you begin to realize that your life is no longer your life. Strange when you realize this new place is your now your place. These new people are now your people. The Israelites struggled with this one for decades. Hopefully I can learn from them, so, I'm determined to welcome this new life with open arms, and not rebel against the unfamiliarity. Determined to take in each day and find the beauty that awaits. Even when it looks much different than that of the old familiar places.

Change is always difficult. But I'm learning to bend through the change and allow it to mold me, not break me.

Aloha Means I Love You,
Suthee :)

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  1. That's the spirit. If you keep that attitude, you'll be one thrivin' Peruvian. We prayed for you today in WJNS staff meeting.